All foot and ankle surgery is expertly carried out utilising modern procedures.

Midfoot Arthritis Conditions

Trauma and arthritis can occur in the midfoot leading to marked pain and deformity. If conservative care fails then surgical correction can be carried out. In early stages before instability and deformity occurs simple “tidy up” procedures can be carried out. In more severe cases joint realignment and fusion may be necessary.

Fracture Fixation

Following trauma bone fixation may be required and this will again be carried out utilising the various small internal fixation devices available now.

Diabetic Foot Conditions

Due to the escalating percentage of people suffering with diabetes and the fact that diabetes can lead to various foot problems podiatric surgeons are trained to address ulceration and prevent amputations.

Achilles Tendon Injuries

Medical imaging such as ultrasound and MRI are utilised to diagnose achilles problems. Once diagnosed multiple treatment modalities are available including tendon damage debridement and in ruptures reattachment can be carried out.

Soft Tissue Lesion Removal

Soft tissue tumors may often be overlooked or mistaken as “simple lesions.” For example, ganglion cysts occur so frequently in the foot and ankle that it has often led to the careless assumption that every asymptomatic, soft, movable mass represents a benign lesion. Unfortunately, this lackadaisical confidence can lead to misdiagnosis and disaster in certain situations.

Although rare, some “simple lesions” may actually represent a malignant process that goes undiagnosed until skeletal metastasis occurs or amputation is required. This tragedy could potentially lead to malpractice litigation for negligent care.

Flat Feet

Depending on the degree and type of flat foot, if orthotics and other non-surgical treatment modalities have been unsuccessful and marked pain persists then surgical intervention can be considered.