ingrown-toenail-06Ingrown toenail surgery can be done on the same day, under local anaesthetic and is pain free with permanent results.

Ingrown toenails are very common and often very painful. Typically ingrown toenail surgery was very painful and required hospitalisation. This does not have to be the case with contemporary podiatric surgery. Modern ingrown toenail surgery is in most cases pain free during and pain free afterwards. In most cases no time away from work is required and good long term positive results can be expected.

The procedure is carried out in the medical centre in a minor op room, although it can be carried out in the day surgery with general anaesthetic if preferred. Local anaesthetic is typically utilized and complete numbness is guaranteed. Once numb the offending side of the nail is gently removed and a chemical is applied to the nail producing region. The area is flushed and no stitching is required. The dressing is removed after 2- 4 days and a small dressing is changed daily at home for 2 – 4 weeks. Normal shoes can be worn after approximately one week. This should prevent the reoccurrence of an ingrown toenail ever again.

One specialty carried out by Damien Lafferty is the correction or revision of past unsuccessful ingrowing toenail surgery. The above described procedure can be carried out to rectify the problem or on certain occasions sharp excision of the problematic nail section is required and suturing necessary. This is also expertly carried out and pain post-operatively is controlled. Many referrals are received for this and satisfaction and final relief can be achieved.

Complications are extremely rare with modern ingrown toenail surgery yet in very few occasions infection may occur and the nail section may re-grow.

Click the image below to view a short video about Ingrown Toenail surgery.

Click this image to view a short video about Ingrown Toenail surgery.