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patient with soft interdigital corn, heloma molle; photos by Sydney Foot and Ankle Surgeon Damien Lafferty

Interdigital soft corns are a common occurrence and in most situations, regular debridement and ID pads can control the problem. Some of these corns can be resistant to conservative treatment and can even become infected and scarred.

In these recalcitrant lesions, a simple and effective alternative exists. As you can see by the images, the lesion is excised, the webbing is advanced very slightly to stop the skin from being pinched by the underlying bones. This should allow complete and permanent eradication of the corn.

The top left image shows the corn identified with a surgical marker pen, then excised and eventually sutured with a buried running subcuticular suture. The suture knots are trimmed at 2 weeks and the absorbable sutures will be left under the skin to bioresorb.

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