photos by Sydney Foot and Ankle Surgeon Damien Lafferty

Hallux limitus/rigidus or degenerative osteoarthrosis of the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ) is a very common condition in our practices. Once the condition deteriorates to the point where conservative care is not producing satisfactory pain relief, surgery can be suggested. Fusion/arthrodesis is still the most common procedure carried out and very occasionally I will fuse the joint in certain situations, yet the vast majority of the time I prefer to return pain-free motion with the capsular interpositional arthroplasty.

The before and after images show how much improvement can be achieved. The returned joint space that is visible, is the thickened joint capsule that has been mobilised and interposed/stitched into the joint to maintain motion and avoid the bone on bone grinding. Quality research now exists to show it produces long-term success.

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