Flat feet or as they are often called excessively pronating feet lead to a plethora of foot conditions and can ultimately lead to permanent deformities. In most cases orthotics and insoles can help to control this excess motion, however in some instances orthotics cannot resolve the issue or orthotics can not be tolerated.

In these situations a minor procedure can be carried out utilising an incision approximately 10 mm can be utilised to painlessly control this motion and help resolve the issues and help negate the need for orthotics.

A small “stent” is inserted between two bones, (not into a joint) to control how these bones are positioned in relation to each other. These stents are trialed in various sizes during the procedure until the correct control is established.

This can be carried out at the same time as other procedures are being done or can be done as a separate stand alone case. Patients can walk on the foot immediately in a firm dressing and post-op shoe, taking it easy for a few weeks and the small incision heels.

It must be mentioned that this procedure is not appropriate for all feet and during the initial assessment a decision will be made.

See more here: http://www.hyprocure.com/flat-feet/