It could be an undiagnosed tarsal coalition.

In recent months I have had several children present with markedly painful flat feet that have been treated unsuccessfully for many years solely with orthotics. Upon in-depth investigation, aided by medical imaging, it became apparent that each of these cases involved undiagnosed tarsal coalitions.

Correct diagnosis, followed by excision of the coalition resulted in a full recovery in each case.

When assessing patients with painful flat feet, if the foot, and particularly the rear foot, is fixed or rigid and non-reducible it could be a sign that something more complex may be present. Radiographs, and possibly also an MRI or CT, are required to determine if a tarsal condition is present.

If you are a podiatrist and suspect one of your patients may have a tarsal coalition, or if you would like to find out more about how quickly and easily the condition and resulting pain can be resolved, please feel free to contact me.

Medial oblique X-ray showing calcaneonavicular coalition