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Bunion Treatment

Are you suffering from bunions or painful toes?

Do you need treatment for bunions
or bunion surgery?

Damien Lafferty is a specialist in the treatment of bunions. Click here to find out more…

Modern Foot Surgery

Foot surgery has markedly advanced over recent years. Traditionally foot surgery has been extremely painful and the results were poor and often temporary. As long as modern proven techniques are utilised pain in most cases is completely controlled and positive long term results are now achievable.

Common conditions we treat

Damien Lafferty Podiatric Surgeon

Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Damien Lafferty has a commitment to provide advanced foot surgery to his patients. His goal is to educate each patient regarding their foot or ankle problem and begin a treatment program with the highest quality of care. All surgery is expertly carried out and makes use of up-to-date techniques.

What We Do

Damien Lafferty having over 20 years experience in dealing with foot pathology has an interest in dealing with those cases that may have gone on for an extended time and perhaps have not been adequately dealt with in the past. A diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan set out. This may not always involve surgery other modalities can be utilised. Yet if surgery is required then it will be expertly carried out.

Childhood disorders, sporting injuries, arthritic conditions and debilitating deformities are some of the conditions which are rectified with surgery.

All surgery is carried out in accredited hospitals using highly qualified and accredited specialist anesthetists.

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Providing treatment for Foot Warts, Foot Hammertoes and other foot, heel and ankle conditions in Sydney and NSW